The dry life

Up till last weekend, I had been following my New Year’s goal of not drinking any alcohol. I made it 75 days in total. The idea behind was two fold. I had a goal of reaching 90kg/200lb and I knew that my best bet was not to drink my calories.  One beer turns into two, and two into four. Not that I drink a whole lot or very often, but since I was training, avoiding alcohol and any messy nights that would keep me from training the following day would be the smartest thing to do. Secondly, once I start to have a few beers, I start craving cigarettes. Funny enough I don’t crave them when I’m drinking spirits or wine, but as soon as I have a second beer, I start looking for the smokers and who might give me one.
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Push it to the limit

After my defeat the previous day, I was determined to not bonk and push through the pain and not give up.  Making sure I was well rested and in the proper mind set, I did my morning workout and spent my day at work trying not to think about the previous day. Good day at work as the time flew by and off to the gym I went.
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Two a day workouts

Not only am I doing the Tour o’ the Borders, I have the Tough Mudder in August which is a 12 mile run with 26 military style obstacles along the way.  I can’t just focus completely on cycling, I need to work on my strength training. That means I have to workout twice a day.  So I’m currently getting up at 5/5:30 and then making sure I’m at the gym for 6:30 when it opens, getting my lifting work out in, and then head off to work. Continue reading